elastic waistbands & biscuit trucks

Have you ever looked down at your body and thought, “How did I get here?”

I feel like it’s been my ongoing thought process for the last year or so. It started with a little extra effort to wiggle into my jeans, which transitioned into going up a pant size or two. But it didn’t truly hit my until I was checking out at Old Navy, elastic waist jeggings in hand. “How did I get here?”

Suddenly my mind races back in time, 2.5 years ago, 50 pounds lighter. I remember meeting Jake – that falling in love feeling, that makes you want to… EAT. Sharing favorite restaurants, proving your domestic skills with home cooked meals, and all. Of. That. WINE. I think about the move to Nashville with the micro-breweries, the craft burger restaurants, and the BISCUIT FOOD TRUCK that is always on my street. I think back to my first job out of college- breakfasts, coffees, and lunches with clients. I think back to the days we played flip cup in the office or went downtown and took shots until the early morning. I ESPECIALLY think back to the time that I was recently unemployed and drank wine and ate Chick-fil-a like it was my actual job. I’d like to look back and think that all of those are the reasons that I’m currently wearing elastic band jeans. But the truth is that I’ve lost focus. I’ve lost motivation. I’ve lost hope.

But where do I start? I’ve been waiting for a while for the “perfect time” and Orange Theory is giving me just that. Tomorrow I embark on a 6 week weight loss journey. In these 6 weeks I’ll be testing my mind and body to attend 5 or more Orange Theory classes a week, eliminating DIET COKE and ALCOHOL from my diet, and re-launching my Weight Watcher lifestyle. I’ll be documenting the good days, the bad days, the recipes, the progress, and in typical S fashion, the dramatic meltdowns.

With my social calendar in full swing these next few weeks, I look forward to trading in the vodka soda- for soda and lime, and trading in my sanity for a 6 pack.




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