chipping away the weight…

Let me be the first to say that I LOVE birthdays. So when my friend Laura invited me to her birthday dinner a few weeks ago, I was thrilled. I like everything that surrounds birthdays. The cake, the dinner, the drinks, the excuse for me to wear fake eyelashes, I love it all. Until… I came face to face with what celebrating birthdays would mean while I’m doing this challenge.

The cake, I can’t eat. The dinner, I’m limited. The drinks, I wish. The eyelashes, what’s the point?

Laura’s dinner was at one of my favorite places in Nashville, Saint Anejo (super trendy, hipster Mexican food). I knew that this would be one of the hardest obstacles of the 6 weeks, so I have been preparing for days. I checked the menu beforehand to plan what I would order. I mentally told myself for days prior that I wouldn’t eat any chips. But nothing, could prepare me for the way that I would feel tonight.

Saint Añejo Restaurant - 17251217465


I met Laura and friends in the Tequila Library and immediately felt my heart break into pieces as I saw everyone holding delicious margaritas.

“Club soda and lime, please.” I say to the bartender as I dig my nails into the bar.

Baskets of chips are circulating, but I stay strong and suck that soda down. After 4 soda and limes, the table is ready and I am starving. The table orders guacamole, more pitchers of margaritas, and SANGRIA. I slowly start to lose faith that I can do this. Luckily, the server comes quickly with yet another soda and lime, and I imagine that there is a splash of vodka hidden somewhere in there. After a quick panic when I see the menu has changed and no longer has my approved dish I selected days ago, I opt for splitting a small chicken quesadilla with Alexandra. My mind starts racing, “This will not be enough food. Will one chip really be the death of me? Imagine how much easier this would be with a Diet Coke.” But I silence those thoughts and remind myself that I’m almost half way done with dinner and I still haven’t eaten ONE chip. I. CAN. DO. THIS.

The food comes, I quickly shove my half down and surprisingly feel content.  My bill comes and I owe $7.82 including gratuity. Suddenly, my outlook changes quite a bit. I think back to how different this night could have gone.

Old S would have skipped Orange Theory, went home after work and made a drink. I would have taken an Uber to the restaurant ($10), had probably 2 margaritas in the tequila library ($16), 2 more margs at the table ($16), as well as a full entree ($13). The Uber to the next bar ($8), a shot for me and the birthday girl ($14), assorted drinks through out the night ($25), a stop at Daddy’s Dogs as I wait for my Uber home ($4), and finally, the uber home ($17). For those of you that struggle with numbers: $123, folks.

The next day would surely include, NO orange theory, sleeping until noon, fast food breakfast and a sad, sad, hangover that lasted all day.

Suddenly, my sober evening, split entree, and netflix night seem pretty wonderful.

Three cheers for self control and “chip”ping away some of my weight.





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