why quoting Mean Girls can be good for your health…

It’s officially been 8 days since I’ve started this challenge and I’m feeling actually, really good.

My diet coke-less days have become a little more bearable and I’ve stopped walking over to the Bota Box in my kitchen to say goodnight. (Small steps here, people!)

What has been the biggest transformation is seeing how much my daily routine has changed. No longer am I drinking wine while watching the bachelor or rewarding myself with a 2:00 chocolate pretzel party (does anyone else have those? Please advise.) I’ve given myself a “life makeover”.

The 6 week challenge is being hosted by Orange Theory. The only requirement is that you attend a minimum of 3 OT classes a week. Other than that, there are no other rules. But being the Aries that I am, I took it upon myself to not only enter this challenge, but basically turn it into an over-the-top display of my competitiveness for friends and family to observe. Instead of the three classes a week, I’ve decided to attend 6 or 7, achieve a daily “Fitbit” step goal of 10,000+ steps, relaunch my weight watcher career, give up alcohol, diet coke, and any fast food, and basically all of my sanity. Additionally, the last 24 days of the challenge, I’ll be seeing how AdvoCare works. (I’m very skeptical and will be posting frequently about that). There is also a pretty decent size monetary prize for the winner, and let’s be honest, I’ve already budgeted how I plan to spend every dollar.

Past winners have averaged losing about 10-12% of their body weight during the 6 weeks. So… in order for me come out on top, I’m looking to lose about 3 pounds a week. So with all of this excitement buzzing around my head, I’ve been working SO hard all week to be like Regina George. “I really wanna lose 3 pounds.” Me tooooooo.


High-points of this week: Not having ONE chip at Laura’s birthday dinner, ordering an apple at Panera instead of chips/baguette, food prepping on Sunday, getting SUCH GREAT FEEDBACK from people about the blog, surviving Savage Day.

Low-points of this week: Forgetting to bring socks to OT and working out without them, blisters on my hands from the rower, SAVAGE day as a whole, forgetting my lunch and having to eat Jersey Mikes (#7 mini, on wheat, no cheese, take out the bread-but leave the shell, extra tomato), and driving to Kroger, crying in the brownie isle and purchasing-but NOT EATING brownies.

Total OT classes since last Friday: 6
Total steps since last Friday: 67,614 and counting…

Drumroll please…


Ew, yuck.




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