this weekend I slept 15 hours straight & ATE WAX PAPER

There is something so infuriating about your body lagging behind your mind. Think about it, you’re pumped up, mentally ready, and your body says, “Yeah… no thanks.” This was the case on Friday. Up until Friday I had been to 9 Orange theory classes in a row. My body was TIRED and SORE and overall MISERABLE. I woke up Friday, cancelled my class and thought, “S, you deserve a break.” But, by lunch, I was out of mind anxious. “If I don’t go, I’ll gain back weight, I’ll have to do two a days next week, I’m such a failure.” Looking back, I was obviously being dramatic. But I ignored all my signs of insanity, and re-signed up for a class for after work.

The whole drive to class I went through the normal motions. I listened to “No Hands” pandora, drank my pre-workout, and mentally prepared myself for the next hour. When I got to class my inner fire was totally wiped out. Instead, there was this awful, heavy feeling. With every incline on the treadmill or pull of the rower, I felt my weak body give out. I was dizzy, and YAWNING during class. That was the sign I needed that it was time for a BREAK. I immediately cancelled my Saturday morning class.

After meeting Emily to see a movie, I went to bed and slept, and slept, and slept. I remember checking my phone around 10:30 or so and slowly drifting off into a peaceful slumber. I woke up the next morning so pleasantly. I WAS SURE that it was probably 8:30, 9 at the latest. I was going to drink coffee and curl up on the couch. I picked up my phone and it was 1:35 PM. I SLEPT FOR 15 HOURS. 15 HOURS. That was such an eye opening experience into the importance of listening to your body. My body had been screaming for a break for days and finally had the opportunity to repair itself.

By the end of the afternoon my cravings were at an all time high. I had sunk back to the pattern of sleeping in, being inactive, and wanting to eat terrible.

“What do I want? PIZZA! When do I want it? RIGHT NOW!” I was determined to find a way to make this a win-win situation. So I began searching everywhere for the best pizza crust solution. I ended up deciding on a cauliflower crust loaded with veggies.

I went to my local market on my street, cauliflower was nowhere in sight. I went to the massive Kroger up the road, cauliflower was SOLD OUT. Who knew that Cauliflower had become the trendiest vegetable (more on that later). I refused to leave and go to ANOTHER store, but then quickly remembered that they typically have pre-cut florets in the salad area, and threw two of those bad boys in the cart. Being good is so hard.

After I threw a bunch of colorful vegetables, regular crust, bacon, and pepperoni for Jake’s “normal” pizza in my cart, I was ready to leave Kroger. I get to Jakes and he’s already outside excitedly telling me about the 7 topping, yes, 7 TOPPING pizza that him and Matt are ordering. “Stay strong.” I whisper to myself. Jake yells inside to his roommate, “Yeah, go ahead and get the cheese bread.” Surely, this is a joke and they are testing me to see if I’ll break. Nope, in case you’re wondering there is a 7 topping pizza and it really is only $9.99.

This is the recipe that I used for my cauliflower crust, but there are plenty to choose from online. I liked this one because it had the weight watcher points listed out for me. Below are some of the pictures that document this moment that I have titled, Pizza Strong.

Everything went seemingly until I realized that I had in fact used wax paper, and not parchment paper, and HAD INGESTED ONE SLICE OF WAX PAPER. The last picture is me freaking out, on the verge of tears and destroying my next slice trying to pick off the wax paper.

Moral of the story: Listen to your body, find win-win solutions, and for the love of Pizza- READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.







2 thoughts on “this weekend I slept 15 hours straight & ATE WAX PAPER”

  1. Girl, I tried to make the same pizza crust one time… except I forgot the parchment paper all together. I feel your pain. I had to throw mine away because it was a hot, sticky, burnt mess. Better luck next time for us both!


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