during this challenge I’ve started saying “Rack city, b*tch” about 50 times a day…

Every day in this challenge so far has been a learning experience. There have been the obvious lessons such as: discipline, self-control, and determination. But, there have been quite a few outside the box lessons as well. Today, I’m covering the significance of a BALLER pre-workout playlist. I’m not sure how others do it, but I have a playlist on Spotify of only about 20 songs and I listen to it before EVERY workout.

I’m a creature of habit, so every day at exactly 4:30 I leave work and immediately get in my car for the 30 minute commute to Orange Theory. This pre-workout playlist has become SO crucial, SO vital, that I can feel my adrenaline start to pump around 4:17. At first I couldn’t quite put my finger on why this playlist got me so “hyped”. But after having a few days to marinate on it, I’m starting to figure it out.


Gas Pedal (Sage the Gemini)– this one gets me actually dancing in my car within the first 10 seconds. I’m taken back in time and can see myself in the living room at the Bungalow. I see the confidence that exudes as K and M gas pedal in front of a HUGE group and look FLAWLESS. Both of them made dancing such an active part of the bungalow, and it’s in that moment that I realize fitness is supposed to be FUN (sometimes).

No Hands (Waka Flocka)- this is my favorite rap song, ever. The second I hear it come on, I’m back in my freshman dorm room, mortified after my first mixer. “I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DANCE LIKE THAT” I remember thinking. My friend, J, literally taught me how to GRIND to this song so that I would never be scared of mixers again. She let me practice over and over and over. So, when this song would come on at any mixer/dance in the future, I was the FIRST one on the dancefloor with my date (or sometimes just myself) and remember feeling insanely confident. (Still do when this bad boy comes on).

F**kin’ Problems (A$AP Rocky)- I honestly don’t have many problems, I don’t particularly love bad bitches, and I don’t love that fact that I seem to yell, “girl, I know ya want this…”, but never the less, this song is very important to me. It serves as a constant reminder that people have so many layers. It’s a reminder that just because I haven’t always been an Active person, doesn’t mean I can’t become one. Every time this song comes on, I think of one of my best friends, S. Always poised, put together, overall, just classic. But when this song comes on, she sings along loudly and allows her inner-gangster to shine. So when I’m at OT and feel a little out of my element, I start to sing the chorus and become my inner-gangster, at least for a little bit.

Africa (Toto)- While it may not seem like the most obvious pump-up song, this song hits such an emotional cord. A, my protector, warrior, and fitspiration loves this song. I tear up every time and think, “She did this. I can do this!”

Swing (Savage)- Easily the biggest reminder to “never give up”. This song, (which I’m pretty sure never made the billboard top…anything), is such a staple on any playlist I have. My best girl, R, and I have tried to make this song “happen” SO many times. Whether it’s a wedding, mixer, dance, bar, dance club, inside an Uber, or at the SAE house that one time (that was horrifying), this song reminds me to never stop trying. Never stop believing.


Rack City (Tyga)- By far one of the most random memories of college, AH, chugging beer at the AGR house and simultaneously moving her arms from a “cheerleader T” to a “cheerleader broken-T” so quickly. The repetitive lyrics (over 50 mentions of “Rack City, B*tch” in one play) and repetitive motions, keep me focused. It’s a reminder that doing something over and over (like cheerleading moves or Orange Theory) will become a habit. Damn you, AH, I’ve never been able to stop doing those hand motions.

So maybe, it’s not the actual songs or the lyrics. Maybe it’s the Fruit punch Burnett’s that you feel haunting your veins giving you that extra courage. Maybe the song reminds you of a time wear bathing suits didn’t make you cry, or you were able to eat chick-fila every day. Maybe it makes you nostalgic for “walking plan” that WKU gives it’s students. Or maybe you think about how UBER didn’t exist so you walked across your college town by foot.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a constant reminder to how lucky you are to have such a strong support system.

Forever thankful for those memories. Thanks for always checking in on my progress.




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