advocare. It’s worse than that time I accidently bought vitamins online for $180.

I’ve reached the halfway point in the weight loss challenge and am really starting to see significant changes. While there have been nice scale victories (losing on average about 3.7 pounds a week), there have been A LOT more non-scale victories.

I’ve been able to put on my Gap blazers (and can swing my arm around like I’m playing the air guitar), I’ve gone down a pant size in dress pants, I’ve gone down a size in workout pants, and can FINALLY wear this awesome winter coat (picture what Olivia Pope would wear if she wore black instead of white) that was previously too tight. So overall, it’s been an extremely happy week.

So with only 23 days left in this challenge (diet coke drought) I started the Advocare Challenge yesterday and am NOT impressed.

I’m not normally one that buys into these things, but with so many people I know doing it, I figured it was worth a try to ensure that I win this competition. Most of the kits cost over $200 (yikes), but I’m known for my thrifty ways and found it for $140.

The box came in the mail and it was as if I had robbed a pharmacy. The meal replacement shakes, catalyst, herbal cleanse, fiber packets, MNS pills, Spark boxes, and omegaPlex pills were all a bit overwhelming. Luckily, it shipped with a daily guide that tells me when and what to take throughout the day. Upon opening the guide, I soon realize that I have basically signed myself up for a second part time job. This 24 day challenge is SUPER time consuming.

Yesterday morning I spent the first 30 minutes simultaneously chugging spark and my morning coffee. 30 minutes later I was cleaning out my blender bottle of spark remnants to put the fiber packet in. GOOD LORD. This fiber packet is the GROSSEST thing I have ever put in my mouth. More gross than homecoming hooch with everclear and way more gross than that time I accidently ate a peanut shaped dog treat (I thought it was a nutter butter). ANYWAY. The fiber packet is a foggy cream color and has the consistency of mucus. It tastes like… well, mucus, and made me actually have a gag reflex (you can swipe my throat for strep, no gag reflex. 10 seconds of this nasty potion had me about to blow chunks all over my desk).

I then washed my blender bottle time #2.

Next is the meal replacement shake. I chose chocolate mocha for my flavor (there were no better options). I’ve had meal replacement shakes ranging from Kroger knock off, to slim fast, to Aldi brand, nothing and I mean nothing has been as gross as the AdvoCare ones. They taste like generic laxatives that have been melted down and mixed with dusty flavored water.

Throughout the day I had another dose of Spark. The grape flavor tastes… weird. Like a generic Kool-Aid with medicine that your mom snuck in. I also swallowed 3 huge capsules of something called Catalyst.

The rest of the day had me take an assortment of pills and was fine.

How I felt during the day: tired, irritable, “in a haze”, not myself.

How I felt during my workout: sluggish, unable to focus

How I felt when I tried to fall asleep: dizzy, upset stomach.
Yesterday did not leave a good taste in my mouth (literally or figuratively) about AdvoCare. However, people that I know and respect praise this plan and say that it has some awesome benefits. I will keep you posted on my thoughts and tricks to making it through these last 23 days.

Have you done this challenge? What is your advice to making it through alive?



3 thoughts on “advocare. It’s worse than that time I accidently bought vitamins online for $180.”

  1. I did the 10 day cleanse once (couldn’t get myself to spend money on the 24 day challenge). I was the most angry, unhappy person ever (ask LJ – she told me she didn’t want me to ever try that again). I also could barely hold down the fiber drink.. BUT I did actually feel extremely good on that last day. I literally felt “cleansed” as silly as that sounds. Not to mention I was down 7 pounds. I used it as a jump start to Weight Watchers and I would definitely do it again. Maybe not 24 days of it.. but I can handle 10. Good luck! Only 23 days left to go! Can’t wait to see you and tell you how pretty/ skinny/ wonderful you are (not that you weren’t already)!

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  2. Hi Sydney!

    I am currently on day 22 of the challenge. I have done it 2 other times in the past few years, and it really does work. The reason I am doing it again is because I fell off track in the past after completing the challenge – ugh. Hopefully this will be my last time “restarting.” In my opinion, the most important part is the food guide… stick to the portions and suggestions, and really limit what they tell you in the book (seems like you should have no problem with that considering your journey so far). There are so many recipes on Pinterest that are quick and easy and are actually good. My personal opinion again… but I think that Catalyst is amazing. I started seeing changes within a week or so. People call it a pill version of liposuction – and I have to say that I agree. I wouldn’t say it makes me feel more energized (as it claims) but I will definitely say that it made my skin look tighter (cottage cheese on my legs minimized – Alleluia!) and I felt that I looked more toned. I take 2 with every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

    In the package, they usually only supply you with just enough product to complete the challenge, and maybe a few extra spark packets, so make sure that you use them accordingly (I made this mistake and used them whenever the book told me “optional” and I was out of both spark and the shakes quickly into the challenge). They say to save the shakes for the last 14 days of the challenge and then only use the spark when you really feel you need it outside of the morning dose. I try to split mine in half and take half of the spark in the morning and then half before I workout in the afternoon. Just my theory to be resourceful 🙂 Sorry to write a novel, I just wanted to give you my feedback on Advocare, as I hope you find it a success! Your blog is awesome, I enjoy reading it. Congrats on your progress so far, and good luck with the rest of the challenge! 🙂

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