i take my advocare like I take my Captain Morgan…

…with an Orange juice chaser.

First off, I wanted to comment on the Advocare Army that came in and totally fought for their beloved product. I heard from people from Elementary school, hometown friends, college acquaintances, family members, and TOTAL strangers. I felt like everyone that reached out had insightful and helpful ways to tackle this challenge, and for that, I’m SO GRATEFUL.

The last few days have been MUCH better and I’m no longer listing Adocare as my #1 arch nemesis (Meghan Trainor, you still hold that spot. More on that later).

ANYWAY- the fiber packets have gone down *a little* smoother with Orange juice and mixing them with the spark packets. I think that fruit punch spark is MUCH better than the grape. (Does anyone else feel like the grape packet tastes… weird?)

In terms of organization, I marched my butt into the store and basically bought stock in Ziploc bags. I purchased gallon size for the “daily” bag. Then, inside the gallon bag is 2 pint size bags. One for morning, one for night. Within each pint size bag, I have the little packets labeled with what time of morning/night I am supposed to take them. This system has made my life 1000x easier. I just grab the bags in the morning and am set for the day. The whole organization process took about an hour (a glass of wine would have been SUPER helpful there), but was overall beneficial.

My official halfway weigh in was Today and here are the stats:

Weight lost since last week: 2.8 pounds
TOTAL weight lost in 3 weeks: 10.2 pounds

Orange theory classes since last Friday: 7

Steps taken since last week: 76,704 ( my Fitbit died one day).

I’m looking forward to all steam ahead for the next 3 weeks!




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