why slow and steady ALWAYS wins the race…

Fables are a funny thing. You hear them over and over again, you’re able to recite the moral of the story, but even then, you don’t follow it. Or at least I didn’t.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my posting has become a little scarce. I’ve been burning through these last few weeks of the challenge—with my eye on the prize. Yes… I know that weight loss, and my health are all wonderful benefits, but you should know by now that I’m also a sucker for a good competition and #winning. Over the last few weeks I’ve kicked up my workouts to two-a-days, significantly changed my diet (even more than before), and have been buckling down on my Advocare. Even with all of this happening, I’ve yet to lose A SINGLE POUND while being on Advocare. Which is why I’ve started doing what I always do, and talk about it anyone that will listen.

I have a theory about my communication style. I’m that person that talks about EVERYTHING. (Thank you to my friends/family/boyfriend/co-workers that still like me). I tell people about what kind of music I like, or current struggles that are happening, or things that I want to buy, or places I want to go. The reason being, is that if I say it enough times and “put it out into the universe”, it will “probably” reward me. Some examples of this:

Me: “I love drinking margaritas, San Anejo has the best Happy Hour.”
Friend: “Ah! Me too. I have 2 free drink tickets, let’s go!”

Co-worker: “My friend is studying to be an esthetician.”
Me: “Does she need an acne model? I hate this patch of acne scars.”
Co-worker: “Actually, she does! Do you want to get discounted laser treatments?”
Me: “Obviously.”

So, for my entire life, this is how I go about communicating. This is also the same reason that I ask people so many questions (ex: my infamous gas station question). It’s because if I’m ever at the gas station and know you’re having a bad day, I have your favorite snacks programmed into my brain and can cheer you up. It’s the same reason that I ask people what they order at Starbucks. (Maybe, I have a BOGO drink offer and want to be a nice lady, maybe).

This is the same approach that I took with this Advocare thing. Remember how I posted about my BOWEL MOVEMENTS on my blog and then shared on social media?!?! I was looking for answers. Some came in the form of former classmates, shout out to Spencer for the quick edit: Advocare cleanse is not a colon cleanse, it’s a liver cleanse. My dramatics from the last post may have been just a virus. {Insert horrified look here}.

With no real answers as to why I wasn’t losing weight, I continued to ask people/strangers about Advocare. FINALLY, my answers came in a pretty little package wrapped in an Orange Theory bow. On Monday, I went into class determined to find out what was holding me back from dropping these MF pounds. I walked into the studio and came into the best situation possible, one orange theory trainer/workout savior/motivator Fury, Dave- an orange theory trainer-who happens to sell AdvoCare, and someone that happened to be working out-but has completed AdvoCare. JACKPOT.

I tell them all the things that I have told you about my experience with Advocare, and like any true Advocare Solider, they tell me that this does not sound normal. So they proceed to ask me how often I’m working out (2 times a day, every day). They ask how many calories I’m consuming (about 1200-1400… relax, I’m still eating people, I’ve just traded Pizza for entire pounds of carrots). They then tell me that, “I NEED TO WORK OUT LESS AND EAT MORE.”

… Um, is this a joke?

I’ve been FULL STEAM ahead trying to power through these last few weeks. Which means… that I’ve put my body into starvation mode and my body is holding on FOR DEAR LIFE to the fat in my body. REALLY COOL. I was instructed to start taking rest days and to use the Harris Benedict formula to see how many calories I should be consuming (Turns out, the answer to that is 2,400… if I want to LOSE weight.) Talk about an eye opening experience. My poor little body, she needs pizza. Okay, maybe not pizza, but baby girl needs some avocado’s STAT.

Obviously, I took today off to try and let my body rest. I’ll be anxiously awaiting my return to the gym tomorrow and will come guns (seriously, I’m starting to see some arm definition) blazing.




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