that one time my boyfriend unknowingly told me his goal weight was my current weight… FML

When I first started the challenge we had to weigh in at Orange Theory. I remember coming back to my boyfriend’s house and feeling SO insecure. I knew that the weight was temporary and that the whole point of the challenge was to lose weight, but I all I could think about was my starting number. At 5’3” I weighed 180 pounds. [Insert unamused face here]. Jake immediately asked what my starting weight was. Hell would FREEZE OVER before I shared that number with him. After {almost} three years of dating I STILL was not discussing such a sensitive subject.

He could tell that I was upset and said, “Well if it makes you feel any better, I want to lose weight too. My goal weight would be right around 180.”

OH MY GOD. Was he kidding? Did I hear that correctly? My boyfriend who is SIX FOUR wants to weigh 180…which happens to be what I currently weigh?

My Mindy Lahiri (if you don’t watch the Mindy Project, shame on you) persona kicked in and I replied, “That is WAY too frail for a man of your stature. That is the weight of a dainty, young girl. DAINTY!”

Jake, being the “numbers guy” that he is, starts to check the BMI chart. NO. NO. NO. STOP.

Turns out, that he’s right. “Apparently” 180 is a “suitable” weight for a man his height. I obviously get into a horrible mood, Jake doesn’t know why, frustration (and some motivation) kick in.

Below are my starting pictures at 180. The next row is my ending weight at 164. There are still quite a few milestones to hit, but I’m happy with the progress.



#womenempowerment feels like it has been a theme for 2016. Celebrities and public figures are constantly encouraging women to build each other up. I’m so thankful for the team of women (especially Alexandra) who served as my coaches, motivators, trainers and accountability partners. There were times that Alexandra swatted food out of my hand [remember that cashew incident?], forced me to walk the stairs [especially on the days I really didn’t want to], and the times that she encouraged me to spend my lunch break at the gym. There were days that she built me up and complimented a change that she saw or allowed me to brag on small accomplishments. She is truly the definition of #womenempowerment.

So many women of all ages, sizes, and stages of my life have reached out and shared their own successes and triumphs with me. For that- I am SO happy. I hadn’t planned on sharing these INCREDIBLY personal pictures of my transformation, but when one of the spunkiest and confident souls from college reached out (That’s you, Kelley) and said, “Everyone should feel proud when they accomplish something great.”- I knew that it was the perfect quote to accompany those pictures.

Because I do feel proud. I feel proud of my transformation, but also proud of the women that occupy my support system- without you girls (and Jakey), I am nothing.

If you have an accomplishment that you’re proud of (big or small), please send it my way. I’d love to cheer you on. After all, Everyone should feel proud when they accomplish something great.






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