adult lunchables: fighting gas station demons, one unsalted nut at a time

This past weekend I went to Destin with my friends Maggie and Blake. Blake was going to a bachelor party and Maggie was looking for some company to hang in the condo. (Nobody does condo hanging better than me) so I was excited to go!

One thing that did have me thinking a few days before we left was my accountability on my FC (food choices, because I hate the word diet). Being away from orange theory, planet fitness, and my strict eating habits had me worried. Would I be able to keep it up? Would I quickly fall into a weekend of excessive day drinking, tacos, and late night snacking? And the gas stations… ALL OF THAT CANDY.

I was determined to stay on track so I made a list of all the things that I normally want on road trips.

  • Sour gummy worms- something sour/gummy
  • Cheese its- something salty/crunchy/cheesy
  • Reese Pieces- something chocolate
  • DIET COKE- thirst quencher

From that list,  I subbed out the gas station food and created an adult lunch able.



  • 1 handful of Aldi unsalted nut mixture (almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, brazil nuts), mixed with sugar free dried cranberries and mini chocolate chips. [something chocolate]
  • 2 wedges of laughing cow cheese, 5 “entertainment” crackers. [something cheesy]
  • 1 handful of Organic, gluten-free, whole grain, flax seed tortilla chips (from Aldi, about $1.79 for a bag) paired with 1 oz of salsa. [something salty]
  • Celery paired with a lite ranch cup [something crunchy]
  • Organic fruit snacks (about $3 from Aldi for a pack of 24) [something gummy]
  • Water with half a lemon [something sour]


The adult lunchable was a hit. I didn’t feel the need to buy any snacks while stopping and also didn’t stray too far from my FC. I felt like I kept good energy, was less bloated, and felt proud that I planned ahead. The food containers came from ebay, you can find similar ones here .

I have quite a few trips planned for the spring and will be trying different variations. Please send some of your weaknesses and I’ll try to find a good substitute!




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