some days suntan city screws up your spray tan & you cry over frozen pizza…

Weight loss journeys can have the highest highs and the lowest lows. Yesterday was a LOW.

It started at lunch when Laura and I decided to head to the express Orange Theory class. Time is tight on our lunch break and we try to make the most of every minute. Laura and I threw on our workout clothes, jumped in the car and raced to Orange Theory. We weren’t able to book online since it’s a different studio. We show up, only to find out there is ONE spot for class open. We wait to see if there are any no-shows. Everyone shows up.

We race to planet fitness (where I’m also a member) and I am able to bring a guest for free. Laura and I run into the gym, only to be told that Laura has to sign all this paperwork, provide her ID, and take a picture. We are annoyed, but agree.

The obstacles continue as a I head home for the day. I stop at Francesca’s, only to find  dress that I love… they don’t have my size… neither does the other Nashville location… or Bowling Green. They say they can ship it. (I need it for a wedding/my birthday on Saturday, so no thank you.)

My brows have not been maintained in weeks (or more accurately, 2 months), so I head to the brow bar next door. They close in 15 minutes and cannot take a new client.

So I sulk into Whole Foods. Normally, I have enough food to last the entire week, but Jake finished off ALL of this delicious Greek chicken I made on Wednesday, so I needed dinner. Whole Foods normally has a wide range of pre-packaged meals. (Think: backed chicken, Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes) That was not the case. Yesterday their special was TOFU & GRILLED PINEAPPLE. Ew, yuck.

I get back in my car, head to Sun Tan City to get a spray tan. This should surely make me feel better. I check in, head to the room, get in the booth and feel pleasantly surprised as the nozzles spray my body- it’s not cold, or chemically, or… wait. Is this even on? I get dressed, walk to the counter, spend 5 minutes convincing the worker that I was sprayed by air. She follows me to the booth, inspects the nozzle, hits her forehead with her palm.

“Oops, I totally forgot to load it up. Also, we messed up your spray tan last visit, we gave you extra dark. Did you want to try that again?”


I went home, opened my fridge and realized that I had nothing to eat. I opened the freezer and saw a frozen pizza. I didn’t want to eat the pizza, but with little to no food, it was my only option. When I took it out of the oven it didn’t look appetizing. I knew it wasn’t nourishing my body, but I was hungry. The tears started streaming down my cheeks.

I have been REALLY “off” this week and this was not how I wanted to end my day. I threw away the soggy, half cooked pizza and googled, “cookie in a cup”.



I threw the ingredients into a mug, cooked it for 1 minute. Oh yeah, I also added a tablespoon of sugar free frozen yogurt.



Because some days you need to eat healthy and go to the gym and some days you need to eat a cookie out of a mug, knowing that tomorrow will be better.




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