‘beet’ing the monday blues

Monday came quick. With thoughts of last weeks “bender”, I was somewhat relieved to be face to face with everyone’s enemy… Monday. I am determined to stay on track this week and finally shed some of these pounds that I’ve been holding on to for a few weeks. To kick off this week, I prepped last night and made a smoothie for my breakfast.
When deciding what to put in my smoothie, I try and add a few things that I really like and one of two hidden gems. I try and pick something that I don’t eat often/alone/enough and throw it in last minute. This week, I chose beets.
Before you start judging, let me be the first to say, beets are NOT my thing. I do not eat them alone, or dried, or candied. But there is something really magical that happens when you throw them into a berry-loaded smoothie. I’ve also included the price of the produce, most of which are from Aldi. (Price is referring to total price for item).

1 c. spinach ($1.79)
5 Strawberries ($1.29)
½ of an Avocado ($1.99 for 3)
1 Banana ($.44 a pound)
½ bag of frozen blueberries ($1.00 at the Dollar Tree)
1/3 can of beets ($.79)
¾ cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk ($2.29)
Drizzle Organic honey (I had this previously, but I think it’s like $3)
1 TBSP of Fine milled blueberry flaxseed [OPTIONAL] ($6 at T.J. MAXX)

The beets add a really beautiful color to the normally puke-green smoothie and are basically a nutritional jackpot.

1. WEIGHT LOSS- Beets are loaded with fiber and will make you feel fuller, longer. They also have smart carbs that added a hint of sweetness when paired with the frozen berries.
2. BRAIN ENERGY- Beets are high in natural nitrates. They help expand the walls of blood vessels in your brain so you can have more energy.
3. ANTIOXIDENT- Beets can help reverse the daily wear and tear on your body. The beautiful, strong color in beets come from betalaines. Betalaines can help fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation.
4. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY- Inflammatory response is our body’s way of dealing with stress. A nutrient in beets is proven to help battle this.
5. CANCER FIGHTER- ingesting beet root has been shown to prevent skin and lung cancer.
6. TOXIN REMOVAL- Beets help support cleansing. They help remove unwanted toxins from the body.
7. HAPPINESS- Beets have betalaines that are used to treat certain types of depression. It also contains Typtophan, which allows the brain to feel relaxed.

To read more about benefits of beets: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/8-beet-benefits-aphrodisiac-brain-booster-more.html

Beets in smoothies, you just really can’t beet it.



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