it’s my birthday, i’ll eat cake if I want to!

This past weekend I wrapped up my week-long birthday celebration. The past TEN days have been filled with an abundance of good food, great people, and crazy amounts of temptation. By no means do I feel that I aced “dieting”, but I do feel that I made smart choices and have some helpful tips to share.

LET OTHERS KNOW THAT YOU ARE BEING HEALTHY. This year has been filled with open (and frequent) conversations about getting back into shape. My work family has been incredibly supportive and celebrated my birthday in the most thoughtful way. Instead of a cake: Laura brought me fresh flowers (NICELY DONE!), Christy brought me my a “skinny” treat from Starbucks, and Alexandra opted for a darling notepad from Draper James (Reese, can we please be friends?).



Other friends went a similar route with their gifts. Sarah gifted me this ADORABLE water bottle to take to my Orange Theory classes:


And Maggie gave me this water infused bottle that I can take to work:


Those treats were thoughtful, purposeful, and health conscious and I couldn’t be more thankful. (Please note: Mandi and Liz, I still really like wine, so your gifts were acceptable as well.)

TRY SMALLER VERSIONS OF BIRTHDAY CLASSICS. I don’t have enough will-power to give up cake completely on my birthday, but a cupcake is a GREAT substitute. Jake was thoughtful enough to pick up a delicious red velvet cupcake on my actual birthday. I got the taste of cake, but didn’t feel obligated to eat multiple pieces, didn’t have leftovers, and wasn’t tempted the rest of the weekend. One indulgence will not ruin your FC.

SET REALISTIC GOALS. If you are a drinker, set reasonable goals.  Your birthday is about YOU, so live it up… a little. Instead of settling on a sober birthday (unless you want to, then by all means… you go girl!), have a goal in mind- 2 glasses of wine, 2 blue moons, or 2 vodka soda. If it makes you feel better, in the days leading up to your celebration, do an extra workout or two and save those burned calories in your calorie “bank” to redeem later.

HAVE A ‘HAPPIER HOUR’. Instead of meeting up for a happy hour, I opted to have a happier hour. I invited 8 of my best gal pals and headed to a PRIVATE Orange Theory Class. I’m a firm believer in that the way you ring in a new year/birthday, foreshadows the rest of the year. The first thing that I did in 2016 was Orange Theory, the same applies to my birthday. The Green Hills studio was incredibly accommodating and made my birthday feel so special. The workout was really tough (I hate burpees), but everyone had a great time!


HOST A HEALTHY DINNER ALTERNATIVE: Most of my friends have a birthday dinner to ring in the new year, but this year I wanted to make sure that I stayed on track. I had about 20 people come to my house and bring a dish. I made really colorful kabobs, but everyone else brought health conscious dishes as well. I had 6 people in the dietbet in attendance, and everyone did such a great job staying focused!


What tips do you have for staying on track during special occasions?





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