mastering the art of working out on your lunch break

I feel like the month of April has flown by! I’ve celebrated my birthday, friend’s birthdays, weddings, vacation, all while trying to stay on top of my workout routine. It’s been kind of a nightmare. While working out has stayed a priority, it’s been a little challenging to keep on my 5:15 PM OT class every night. I’ve been switching it up a bit and using more of my planet fitness membership so that I can go on my lunch break!

Before I started doing this, I never understood how anyone could work out in the middle of their lunch break and return to work looking like a civilized human. I only get one hour. I don’t have time to completely re-shower, but I also can’t return to work without some kind of makeover miracle. So, over the last few weeks I have really perfected my routine and am excited to share some tricks that will take your lunchtime to the next level!

My main concerns revolved around: feeling sweaty, a ponytail crease/sweaty hair, overall smell, and makeup.

Before the workout I suggest:

  • Taking off only your FACE makeup with a makeup wipe. (Side note: my absolute FAVORITE makeup wipes of all time come from Michael’s in the dollar section, next to the cheap notebooks. The citrus is THE best. It comes in a pack of 30 and NEVER sting your eyes, breaks me out, or dry out.)


  • Next, (don’t judge) Spray your inner thighs with dry deodorant. This helps prevent sweating and overall grossness.



  • Put hair in a loose-ish, low pony tail with the thinnest hairband that you can find. This should help reduce the crease.


After the workout I suggest:

  •  Obviously, bringing a change of underwear
  • Spraying dry shampoo all over your head. I really like the one below. It has a scent that overpowers even the sweatiest of heads. Also, If your gym has a hair dryer in the locker room, blow dry that dry shampoo a little. It will give you a lot more volume!



  • Covering face with regular foundation and applying a powder compact. This one from NYX works really well and has great coverage.



  • I wipe down my entire body with these wipes. I got them as a gift from sister and have never looked back. You can buy them at Ulta! This should decrease the amount of “after workout” sticky that you feel!



This routine has not failed me yet. I feel that by knocking out my workout in the middle of the day, I’m able to avoid the mid-day slump, cook better meals at night, and avoid making bad lunch time decisions.

 What products do you use for mid-day workouts?




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