what I learned from losing my own diet bet (palm to forehead)…

I normally wait ALL YEAR for the month of April. It’s filled with celebrations like my birthday (and my 2 best girl’s birthdays- Rachel and Sarah). It’s the month where the sun normally comes out to play, patios start to open, and the air has that crisp feel. There is nothing quite like April. Which was why I was so excited to host a dietbet during my favorite month!

What I didn’t think about was my action plan for the month of April. I had celebrations, concerts, weddings, and a trip to CHARLESTON. Why oh why, did I think that I’d be able to host a successful dietbet. In this month, I cut my blog posts in half, cut my workouts in half, doubled my nights out, and ate a CHICKEN TENDER PLATTER FROM SONIC (gravy included). Clearly, I did not make my money back.

All of my drama aside, the dietbet was still successful. There were 18 players, all who bet $35 that they could lose 4% of their body weight in 4 weeks. Out of the 18 people, 9 people won! Each person who hit their goal received $52.50 in payouts. HOW EXCITING. They literally got paid to lose weight.

It was my first time hosting a dietbet, so I really had no idea what I was doing. I had such high hopes when I started. I was going to post recipes, grocery lists, and motivational quotes. Well, the month got the best of me, and I did nothing. Even with my lack of involvement, the participants in the dietbet were doing a great job of staying on track:

MK and Allie stuck to eating healthy, planning snacks ahead, and kept each other motivated! (We have a bachelorette party later this month and they have already text me about healthy snack options). Laura upped her membership at Orange Theory to “unlimited” and did an excellent job with her meal prepping options. Amanda is sweating for a wedding and made smart choices throughout the month (I saw her order a salad at ML ROSE and was impressed with her discipline). There were quite a few other winners (Derek, Suzie, Carrie, Stephanie, and Abby) who all did a great job as well.

I’m actually somewhat grateful for my diet “Rumspringa”.  I feel like it was the break that I needed. While maintaining my weight for an entire month is nothing to brag about, it shows that with even a really off month, I won’t lose (complete) sight of my long term goals. I learned the importance of balance. I was reminded to be humble. I was encouraged to try again. Most importantly, I didn’t give up. When I realized that I wasn’t going to hit my goal, I didn’t stop going to the gym. I didn’t throw my diet (completely) out the window. I didn’t try any quick, fad, diet to shed 6 pounds in 6 days. I just kept moving.

With a new month (and season) ahead, I’m excited to kick it back into high gear. I’ve joined another dietbet (I think I need to take a few notes), reset my mindset and have a very particular goal in mind. While low numbers on a scale are great, I know it’s important to place value on non-scale victories too. My May Goal? Is to be able to CONFIDENTLY rock these jeans:



But for now, I just need to keep moving.




1 thought on “what I learned from losing my own diet bet (palm to forehead)…”

  1. You still did awesome Syd! Not giving up is HUGE (please read in Donald Trump voice). You’re going to rock you second Diet Bet and you know I’m always down if you decide to host another one! Love you!

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