balancing fun & fit: tips to stay on track when you’re in the #bridetribe

This weekend I will celebrating one of my very best friends, Sarah, at her bachelorette party in Asheville, NC. I’m seriously needing a weekend out of town with some of my favorite girls! However, there is still a voice in the back of my head giving me a bit of anxiety.

“Do you remember how you ate in Charleston? Remember how you failed to stay on track? Can you overcome the urge to eat the dinner roll at the table or pass on the homemade gelato?”

So with all these thoughts swirling around, I’ve made it my mission this week to plan ahead for this weekend, balancing fun and fit.

One of my favorite things (already) about Sarah’s party is that her MOH (Laura) sent an itinerary, which is crucial when planning to stay on track. Luckily for me, only a few meals will be eaten out, which means I’ll be able to control a good amount of my intake.  Laura was kind enough to include the restaurants where we will be eating, so that I can spend some time evaluating the menu. Having a few days in advance to look over the menu, compare options, and formulate a game plan allows you to feel less-stressed when sitting down with a large group. Most places allow customers to make substitutions, so don’t be afraid to ask! Even if your menu looks pretty heavy, there is always an opportunity to make it a little more “diet-friendly”. (Ex. Order the burger, bunless, with no cheese. Swap out fries for a side vegetable or salad). Not ideal, but hey girl, YOU GOT THIS.

Hold the drinks… at least during dinner. Liquid calories are not fun. (I mean yes, in the moment a nice vodka redbull is fabulous, but when you look back, not fun). Try and refrain from ordering drinks at dinner. A lot of time with larger parties it takes a while for the food to arrive, which means more downtime to drink. Overloading on calories early on, then eating a heavier meal may kill your buzz and make you start over. Instead, drink club soda and lime while waiting for the food to arrive. You’ll blend in with those that are drinking, but will be saving your calories for later on in the night.

Avoid Taco Bell, at all costs. After a night of drinking, no night cap is quite like the Taco Bell night cap. This group of girls can get down to some Taco Bell. I tend to order the Nachos Supreme, but will be foregoing that tower of deliciousness for a “copycat” snack. I plan on bringing my [ALDI] Gluten free, whole grain tortilla chips with a mini jar of salsa and a 100 calorie quac pack. It’s clearly not the same, but will allow me to feel included without feeling indulgent.

Sarah is a pretty health conscious person and included a hike as part of her bachelorette party. I WAS SO EXCITED. Originally I was a bit worried on how I would sneak in some cardio this weekend, but she made it super easy! If your bride doesn’t include something active you can: Offer to take the last shower, and head for a quick run while others are getting ready. Search on pinterest for a 10 minute ab circuit. It won’t get you a perfect body overnight, but would be something fast to do without drawing attention to yourself. Lastly, try an early morning walk! Grab one of the other guests that you haven’t seen in awhile and brisk walk for 15-20 minutes. It’s always fun to explore a new street and jump start your morning.

Girl get your camera phone, we gon’ have a photo shoot… so try on your outfits BEFOREHAND. There is NOTHING worse than throwing together some random closet pieces and wishing for the best. Trust me (That time I wore Navy and Kelly Green to a WKU Banquet, black jeans to a wedding, or a THICK BLAZER on HOMECOMING court) those situations STILL haunt me, years later. It’s obvious that A LOT of pictures will be taken this weekend, make sure that you feel great in them. If you are self conscious of your arms, bring a wrap or off the shoulder shirt. (Allie, that trick would have saved me from crying at your birthday and refusing to be in pictures… I’m still sorry about that).  If you’re feeling pale, get a spray tan or wear bright colors. This is not the time to “try getting bangs” or experiment with that crop top that you you’ve seen on Instagram. This is the time for classic pieces that you will ROCK.

Cheers to a weekend of smart food choices, funny friends, and a lot of “wait, let me take a picture” ‘s.





1 thought on “balancing fun & fit: tips to stay on track when you’re in the #bridetribe”

  1. Dying. Hahahaha

    Love the shout out. And you best believe I’m with ya on healthy options, no drinking times, and getting in some exercise!


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