for the days that you’re too busy to be healthy…

What to do when you cry on your way to work because you forgot your breakfast:

Starbucks Spinach, egg white, and feta wrap: 290 caloriesThe taste is great and the sandwich itself is pretty filling. It’s a little bit higher on the fat content, but overall is not that bad for you. The lack of grease and guilt is good enough for me.

 What to do when someone at your work “cleans out the fridge” and throws away your lunch:

Jersey Mikes # 7 mini with no provolone is always a smart choice. However, last week I tried something even better. Allie was nice enough to grab my sandwich for me as we headed out for Sarah’s bachelorette trip. I had her order my sandwich, but to “take out bread” referring to the soft part of the roll, instead, I got my sandwich with literally no bread in a bowl. The turkey was rolled in nice little pinwheels accompanied by onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, olive oil, oregano, and vinegar. It was VERY refreshing, left me feeling full (there was a ton of turkey), and was super quick.

 What to do when you have 1,000 things on you to-do list and making dinner is not one of them:

If you have the luxury of living near a Whole Foods, I highly recommend their “dinner to-go section”. Typically my favorites are the Paleo meals, but there are also vegetarian and “heartier” selections too. There is one that I get regularly: Grilled chicken, sweet potatoes and roasted Brussel spouts.  I think they are normally around $7 and are ready to eat! It’s the perfect healthy alternative to fast food. If you don’t live near Whole Foods, check out the deli at Kroger or Harris Teeter. Both offer $6.99 meal deals where you choose an entrée and 2 sides. The Kroger in Nashville always has grilled chicken, superfood kale salad, and a some type of vegetable medley. For something quick and easy, it definitely hits the spot.

 What to do when you stop at a gas station and think “I have no options, I must get Doritos”:

I’ve been on the road a lot lately and feel like gas station trips have become more and more frequent. Turkey Jerky is an AWESOME way to curb your salty craving and keep yourself full and energized. If you know that you will be traveling more frequently, head to Kroger and grab a variety pack. (I keep these in my car for traffic snacking).

 What to do when your planner (and you) are over-committed and you can’t eat healthy or go to the gym:

Take a break. Walk around the building. Walk a few flights of stairs. Take the long way to  the copier. Here is a picture of myself, Laura, and Melanie taking a quick “refresh” and walking the stairs. One “fit” action, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction.


 What to do when you think, “Sydney, I am too busy to do any of this.”

Drink Water. Drink it on your commute to work. Double fist water with your coffee during your morning meeting. Make it a game. For every email answered, drink 4 oz. of water. Drink it with your unhealthy lunch. Drink it when you feel like crying because you’re stressed (or if you’re like me, and are already crying… in your car… at lunch… replace your tears with water). Even on the days where you have no time, you still have an option to do something healthy.




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