sydney tries: Spin + Sculpt

I got sucked into Classpass because a few friends from work kept raving about it. The flexibility of getting to go to classes all around the Nashville area was something that really intrigued me. So, on Tuesday night Katie and I went to Studio 51st for a spin + sculpt class. Let me start by saying that I have never gone to a spin class in my life. I don’t consider myself to be one that picks things up easily. I was still riding the emotional low of pure barre, that signing up for this spin class felt like a really bad idea.


I arrived at the studio about 15 minutes before and was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. The studio has a “boutique” feel to it. There are dressing rooms in the lobby, apparel on the walls and two work out rooms. I’m greeted immediately by the girl at the desk and tell her that I’m very, very nervous about the spin class. She offers to get me set up on a bike and agrees that choosing the one in the back, directly in front of the fan is a good idea. I wait for Katie to finish changing and we are introduced to the instructor, whose name is also Katie.

Katie is like the cool big sister that I always wanted. She is bare foot (no cult-like socks here), wearing a band t-shirt and black leggings- yesss girl, let’s be friends. We all walk into the first studio and I see a barre. I panic. “Did I accidentally sign up for a barre class again? ” Luckily, the answer is no. I pick a spot off to the side, roll out the yoga mat and tell myself that today will be better. We start off with some tasteful college-mixer-ish music and begin to work out our arms. Most people are using 1 pound weights and I start thinking that this will never get me my Michelle Obama arms. I was wrong.

The small movements raising in front, to the side, behind, closer, higher, lower. We spent about 5 minutes working those bad boys out in every direction and I honestly think I’m a stronger person for it. We then go into some yoga moves, which I try to do gracefully, and semi-fail. Planking is next and my body starts to do the same thing that my old car used to do at stop lights… shake erratically and then stop. Katie (my friend) is next to me and could have honestly taken both her hands away and spent the class planking by only the strength of her toes. I shall strive to be like Katie.


Spin is next and my heart rate dramatically increases. I walk slowly to the bike, passing the front door and wonder if I can escape. But then I remember that I have to face Katie at work the next day, so I should probably stay. I mount my bike and the pain begins. Sitting on these seats felt like a strange form of torture. Instructor Katie turns off the lights and tells us to start slow. LOL, all I can do is slow, so that’s good. I start to feel more and more comfortable. As the music plays on in the background, I start thinking of all the things that I will reward myself with after I am finished. Surely, I’ve burned at least three pounds off. I check my fit-bit, it has been two minutes and 45 seconds. Oh my gosh.

Instructor Katie tells us that we are approaching a hill. I was not aware that this was a mountain biking extreme adventure. I thought it was more of a nice stroll around Charleston kind of class. Wrong. We kick up the intensity and I feel like my thighs are on fire. She tells us to stand. I stand, it feels like my legs are numb. We then start to get in a rhythm of bouncing from sitting to standing and I wonder if anyone has ever tipped a standing bike. If they haven’t, I won’t be shocked if I’m the first. We sit back down and continue the pace. I took the advice that someone left on my facebook feed and tried to daydream during the next few minutes.  I thought about myself “getting into cycling”. Like, maybe I’ll make this my thing. I check my fitbit again, 12 minutes have passed. I give up on my cycling dream.

I think about quitting every 30 seconds, but am encouraged to keep going by Instructor Katie. She kept saying, “You’re stronger than you think you. You can go longer than you think you can.” So I focus on my breathing and think about the other girls in the class and how they compared to the clientele of the pure barre class. These girls looked more regular (?) in the best kind of way. The girl in the front looked like she would be really funny and into spontaneous adventures. The one to my left looked like she would be your favorite co-worker that seems to always know when to bring you a coffee. The one across the room was more of a cool-rocker chick. Everyone was fit, but not in an intimidating way.

The class ended with a cool down and some stretching which I was glad to do. I was happy I didn’t give up and was already thinking about pre-booking my next class. It was the perfect way to try spin, without committing myself to an hour of pain. In all seriousness, I do not think I would have lasted a full hour on my first go-around. I cleaned off the bike, said goodbye to my friend Katie and headed out the door. I was sent off with a “Bye, Sydney!” from the girl working the desk. …I’ve always wanted to have a place where everyone knows my name. (Or just one person, that’s good too).

I left feeling empowered, tired, and optimistic. I pre booked my next session with them on this upcoming Tuesday. It’s a bounce + sculpt class, which uses trampolines as the main tool. I imagine this will be exhausting and hilarious.

Overall score: 9/10





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