sydney tries: bounce + sculpt

People always talk about finding “the one”. It’s this mission that feels unattainable, imaginary almost. The idea of completely being yourself, investing whole heartedly in the process, and loving so much that it actually consumes your thoughts seems impossible. So, you walk around life “trying on” all these different ones, hoping that it’s THE one and typically end up feeling shorted and disappointed. Well, I’m here today to share with you, that I found it, I found the one. Who knew it was only a few hundred feet away.

On Tuesday night Katie and I tried the bounce + sculpt class at Studio 51st. It’s the same studio that I took a cycling class a few weeks back and raved about here. I didn’t really know what to expect during a trampoline based work out, but anytime that I can disguise fitness into something fun, I’m interested.

This class is done bare foot (READ: no cult socks here either) and made me wish immediately that I had painted my toes. (That was seriously my first order of business once I went home). The class only had about 7 people in it total and took place in a small room covered in mirrors. We staggered out in 3 rows of three and spread out the trampolines. The class was pretty diverse in size/shape/experience level, which I greatly appreciated. A middle aged women in the back yelled out, “I’m terrible at this.” Right before the music started, which gave me hope that I wouldn’t be in this alone.

I took a spot in the middle row and Katie took the last open trampoline in the front row, next to the instructor.  Which is honestly the perfect spot for Katie because I think that she works out as a superhero in her spare time. Do any of you (either yourself or have a friend) that are instantly amazing at working out?) Katie jumps on the trampoline and starts off gracefully bouncing. If Grace Kelly were still here, Katie would have upstaged her with grace.

The song starts and we begin with some light bouncing, turning side to side, jumping jacks, some swaying from foot to foot, and some high knees. Everything that the instructor demonstrated was do-able at some level or another. Rhythm, however, was not do-able. I imagined myself doing this routine and NAILING EVERY SINGLE  move. After all, I cheered and danced for like 10 years.I’m not sure if it was my lack of practice or the trampoline, but I failed miserably on the micro bouncing squats and the x-jacks from side to side. It was still amusing though, and I laughed my way through it.

The format of the class focuses on a 3-1-3 format. You jump for 3 songs, do floor toning for one song, and return to the jumping for three songs. The format lasts for about 45 minutes of class. Each 3 song segment is a high energy song (think Katy Perry and Megan Trainer) and consists of 4-5 movements repeated in a routine. The floor exercises took more of a “barre” approach, but were easy to do and left me feeling more like a ballet dancer than a barre guru. There were also a few moves that used light weights with repetitive movements and gave me that sweet after-burn tingle.

During the workout my energy overall was high. It was a serious cardio session with a medium amount of sweat. The small pulsating jumps, squats, and twisting leads me to believe that in addition to cardio benefits, we were also working our calves, legs, and core.The last 10 minutes of class focused on stretching. We did some core leg raises (while laying on the trampoline) and some yoga stretches that felt AMAZING and also incorporated using the trampoline.

When class was over I COULD NOT BELIEVE that an hour had gone by. I knew about 10 minutes in that this was going to be a game changing class for me. It was not embarrassing or dainty and it was SO SO SO much fun. I even felt comfortable asking the instructor about what I could do to improve my rhythm on the micro squats. She gave me some tips and also mentioned that my body just may be tired or I may have slower reflexes on my muscles.

I left the studio feeling really empowered and almost kind of giddy. If you’re interested in taking a bounce class with me in the Nashville area, please let me know! This particular studio is offering a new client special: $35 for 5 classes. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Score: 10/10




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