air frying 101

Today I’m talking about one of my favorite tools in the kitchen, my air fryer! Since the New Year, I’ve gotten about a dozen messages about the air fryer. Is it worth the money? Is it easy to use? Is that much better for you? The answer is yes, yes, and YES. I got my… Continue reading air frying 101


sydney tries: bounce + sculpt

People always talk about finding "the one". It's this mission that feels unattainable, imaginary almost. The idea of completely being yourself, investing whole heartedly in the process, and loving so much that it actually consumes your thoughts seems impossible. So, you walk around life "trying on" all these different ones, hoping that it's THE one and… Continue reading sydney tries: bounce + sculpt

something better than being skinny…

My apologies for being a little absent around the blog lately. The Paige Hathaway challenge (#fitin5) is proving to be more tough (and time consuming) than the WLC through Orange Theory. The diet is extremely strict, so food planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and organizing takes up a good amount of my energy. That however, is… Continue reading something better than being skinny…

rotten produce, cultural stereotyping, and a mental breakdown (a grocery store rant)

I’m one week into this FITin5 (weeks) challenge and am already about to lose my mind. I was prepared to part with my lunch dates to Chuy’s and the occasional cupcake from the (cupcake) ATM. But I was not prepared to say “C ‘ya later fruit” or “Sweet Potatoes, you’ve been fun”. The first week… Continue reading rotten produce, cultural stereotyping, and a mental breakdown (a grocery store rant)