sydney tries: restorative yoga {& briefly adopted a new dog}

With Classpass I get 5 classes a month to explore new workouts in Nashville. I never dreamt that I would spend one of those classes on restorative yoga. The reason being, is that typically these classes offer little to no activity. It's more of a stretching/breathing place. However, after I single-handedly took my life from… Continue reading sydney tries: restorative yoga {& briefly adopted a new dog}


sydney tries: Spin + Sculpt

I got sucked into Classpass because a few friends from work kept raving about it. The flexibility of getting to go to classes all around the Nashville area was something that really intrigued me. So, on Tuesday night Katie and I went to Studio 51st for a spin + sculpt class. Let me start by… Continue reading sydney tries: Spin + Sculpt

something better than being skinny…

My apologies for being a little absent around the blog lately. The Paige Hathaway challenge (#fitin5) is proving to be more tough (and time consuming) than the WLC through Orange Theory. The diet is extremely strict, so food planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and organizing takes up a good amount of my energy. That however, is… Continue reading something better than being skinny…

chicken & shrimp pad thai with gluten free noodles

One thing that I’ve realized living in Nashville is that I miss food from home (Cincinnati). There are a handful of ‘regional’ foods that you just can’t get in the south- Skyline, Frisch’s, Dewey’s, Cloud 9, but one thing that I miss often is a Thai restaurant called Teak. Their Pad Thai is INCREDIBLE…. But… Continue reading chicken & shrimp pad thai with gluten free noodles